Learning to understand the world, to change it! We focus our news-work now only on the pages “Global Alliance News 2018-2048”! Merger for the full implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from now gradually up to 2048 by the formulation of reform programs and the creation of a global reform movement for a common global future in peace, social security, economic participation, personal and political freedom for all!


Dear Facebook and WordPress friends,

We want with our news work to contribute for a better understanding of the world, but also to change it. We make our information work more effective now and connect it with a project to change the world, we focus us therefore now on two Facebook pages (one for messages from us: Global Alliance 2018-2048 (https://www.facebook.com/ #! / pages/Global-Alliance-2018-2048/336267106503828), one for the exchange: global alliance for equal rights (https://www.facebook.com/ # / globalalliance.forhumanity) and a blog: http://www. globalalliance2018.wordpress.com! If you want to engage with us, you are welcome to connect with us with “like”, “friend request”, or as a follower if you want to read all our news. We have been posting and communicating on a number of pages because some of them had reached the maximum number. And we had the English and German communication on separate pages.

We try with our news work and communication to contribute to the unification of people, who stand for the full implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (and the UN Charter), and who want to create a majority-enabled global political force. To show that we are serious, we have data set for the implementation and are looking for people who feel in the same way and engage for it: We work on getting a balance on how far the Declaration is implemented or not implemented, on reform programs to implement it and support of movements that struggle for human rights!

Preparation of publicity actions and events in each year from now to the Human Rights Day, the 10th December. Call on the States, together with civil society organizations to develop and implement reform programs, which ensure the full implementation till 2048 (the 100th anniversary of its adoption). We demand that the States in 2018 (the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Human Rights) at first and then every five years will hold reform conferences of states together with civil society organizations on accounting for the progression or regression of the implementation and adjust the reform programs. We assume that the states will do so only when there is a strong self-organization of citizens and if citizens-movements also develop own proposals and contribute to the public discussion. For this we want to work together with other interested parties, people with this will in all countries and of different religions, beliefs, nationalities or ethnic groups in the sense of “one human family”. More on our vision can be found here:


Whoever wants to join can contact us on: Phone: 0049/5655-924981
Email: globalalliance@gmx.de

Greetings, Wolfgang Lieberknecht, Eunice Oduro Bentum

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