Chemical Attack! Does the global militar-industrial complex now produces the reason to convince the public to go in the war in Syria? British chemical-weapons expert doubts on chemical weapons footage from Syria. Why should Assad now, where his regime gets the upperhand and the un-experts just have come in, use chemical weapons? We now how such facts are faked from many wars! We remind the lie, which US-government organized to justify the Iraqwar!

U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebel Chemical Attack: False Flag Provocations (James Corbett) [AS]

Please don’t forget that U.S.-backed Syrian rebels were caught red-handed with sarin gas less than 3 months ago at the Turkish border. The vile chemical attack killing over 1,300 innocent Syrians that just took place is a planned provocation to serve as an excuse for U.S. intervention in Syria.

If you were unaware of Syrian rebels being caught with sarin gas at the end of May (since the great majority of the mainstream media did not report on it), please reference the link below (also included is another link from just a bit over a month ago that is very pertinent to what’s going on now).

Please help expose these deplorable actions carried out by the rebel group the U.S. government has been funding…

“Toxic Warfare: Rebels Caught w/Sarin Gas Amid Syria Arms Supply Scandal [May 31, 2013]

“Toxic Catch: Syria Rebels’ Chemical Lab Uncovered Near Damascus” [July 14, 2013]

As videos of an alleged chemical attack in Syria were shown to the world, some experts have cast doubt on their authenticity.

Stephen Johnson is an expert in weapons and chemical explosives at Cranfield Forensic Institute. He says there are inconsistency among the patients’ symptoms.

“There are, within some of the videos, examples which seem a little hyper-real, and almost as if they’ve been set up. Which is not to say that they are fake but it does cause some concern. Some of the people with foaming, the foam seems to be too white, too pure, and not consistent with the sort of internal injury you might expect to see, which you’d expect to be bloodier or yellower,” Johnson said.Johnson said that although much of the video showed injuries consistent with trauma to the nervous system, it was too early to conclude that it was from chemical weapons.

“At this stage everyone wants a ‘yes-no’ answer to chemical attack. But it is too early to draw a conclusion just from these videos,” said Johnson.

Syrian anti-government activists claim regime forces targeted eastern suburbs of Damascus with a toxic gas.

France and Britain have called for UN inspectors, who are already in the country, to be allowed immediate access to the site.

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