Hundreds of Africans seeking to enter Europe cross into Spanish territory in Morocco

Hundreds of African immigrants have managed to evade border security between Morocco and Spanish territory, arriving in the two enclaves of Melilla and Ceuta.

Around 300 people were caught on police security cameras scaling barriers in a mass attempt to get into Melilla.

They were taken to an internment centre where, depending on their nationality, they will be either repatriated or allowed into Spain. Most arrive with no papers to identify them.

One immigrant was injured as well as six Spanish civil guards.

At the same time in Ceuta, around 90 people from Sub-Saharan Africa dodged border controls to reach Spanish territory by swimming to the beach.

Another 250 were stopped by Moroccan forces guarding the border.

The Spanish Red Cross offered blankets and food to those on the beach. Many will have travelled for months with little to eat, all with one hope: that their next stop will be Spain and from there, the rest of Europe.

Last year, 2,841 immigrants crossed from Africa into the two territories, either swimming along the coastline, climbing the barrier or hiding in vehicles.


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