How to step up opposition to the West’s imperial wars: International Anti-War Conference in London organized by “Stop the War coalation!”

International Anti-War Conference

Stop the War Coalition 30 November 2013.

Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, London SW1P 3DW, 10am-5pm

The US and its allies are pushing for another war in the Middle East. An attack on Syria could cause a conflagration across the region. Anti war action and opinion is making its mark but pressure for Western military interventions is growing.

Obama is sending more military resources to encircle China, and while the Middle East remains the US’s main preoccupation, the West is ramping up its military presence on the African continent.

This conference is a vital opportunity to analyse and debate the fast changing and dangerous situation and plan how best to step up opposition to the West’s imperial wars.

Initial speakers include:
Tariq Ali | Tony Benn | Jonathan Steele | Owen Jones | Manik Mukherjee | Lindsey German | Mitra Qayoom | Kate Hudson | Andrew Murray | Sami Ramadani

Tickets £15/£10. To book by phone call 020 7561 4830.

Ticket type
 Standard £15.00 GBP Concession £10.00 GBP 



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