Kenyans stop the USbacked war in Somalia! Let us overcome the circle of violence and support Somalis to find a way to peace!

John Pilger

Is not a campaign necessary to call Kenyan government to pull back its troops from Somalia, its war in Somalia is a war against international law, no decisions by the security council, no legitimation to fight in Somalia. This war kills every day civilians in Somalia. The war an violence will escalate and spread to whole Eas-Africa and provoke revanche attacs on Kenyan cilivilans. US has long planned to extabilsh in Somalia a regime for its interests, as we know from US-General Wesley Clark ( and oiltinterests of western companies to exploit newly found ressources seams to be the pressing point for US-driven militar-invasions since many years which destroyed this country, as Australian and British journalist, John Pilger, explains:,
We need a peace conference in and for Somalia, including Al Shabab, before the violence in East-Africa escalates, destabilises the whole region and cost more and more  lifes.
Wolfgang Lieberknecht (Initiative for a Global Alliance for peace and life in human dignity for all)


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