The museum of Migration with the personal remainings of people who hoped to find a future in Europe!

Why a Museum of Migrations in Lampedusa

The geographical position of Lampedusa determines the most important feature of the place: be a natural crossroads. The extent and nature of migratory movements on the island involve animals and human beings as well. In particular, Askavusa focused its attention on the latter one, deciding to create a museum which would have witnessed this specific phenomenon.
The project of the museum was created almost spontaneously, fuelled by the curiosity about what is generally labeled as “different.” After repeated patrolling on the migrants’ boats – stocked in the local scrapyard – the members of the association started to collect and archive all those objects found on the watercrafts and left behind. The result is represented by the archive of photos, letters, clothes, shoes, and tools belonging to migrants. The collection also includes boards, and wood parts of boats found on the beaches of Lampedusa.
The process of cataloging and exhibition gave birth to what is currently the museum: a space in which objects are displayed on shelves of wood, or hanging on the walls. The museum would like to develop in the direction of an educational project involving local, national and international artists in the creation of works of art born from the handling and use of the same findings: objects once belonged to migrants, can still communicate something through personal interpretation of artists or common people.


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