Bio: Global Alliance 2018-2048: Bringing the world together to organize a social and international order for the full implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (as the states have agreed 1948, § 28 of the Declaration)! Calling on all who stand for the goals of the Universal Declaration and wish to have it implemented: Let us come together from our countries and the world to form a Global Alliance 2018-2048! First proposal for discussion to organize this Alliance and to form a first international committee to start the campaign: The aim of the Global Alliance 2018-2048: To change the world that by 2048 all worldwide has the same human rights and that war and violence will have no more room! As in 1948 with the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the States! The right to life (in peace and environmental security) The right to social security and decent work! The right to participate in economic progress! The right to food, clean water and living! The right to health care! The right to education and training! The right to protection from persecution through asylum! The right of governments of the people, for the people, elected by the people! 1948 till today: The goal of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the status of its implementation! In 1948 representatives from many countries under the leadership of Eleanor Roosevelt worked out the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for the newly formed United Nations. This global constitution for a common world should overcome national thinking which had led to the catastrophe of the World War II. The aim of this global constitution was to avoid another terrible suffering as the world economic depression after 1929, the dictatorship and the World War II brought to millions worldwide. The states adopted this global constitution without opposition. This also expressly applies to the people in those countries, some in Africa or Asia or America, who were then still colonized. In the past years, since the implementation of the Constitution has been very limited, these rights are still not realized for most people. The policy in most countries and in international cooperation does not follow the objective of creating decent life for the entire world. The states have to serve the people first, not the people to the States! This idea also is still not the ultimate goal of the states. And still is the right to life, that is Life is not respected without war and violence, and in a safe environment, so is vulnerable than ever after 1948. Many of the resources that mankind could use to ensure decent life for all, are wasted still on the struggle for supremacy of States above the others, for weapons, military power and war. We want to win the States now, and then finally implement the Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights! We want now policies that will lead to a complete realization of the rights of this declaration for all people worldwide. For this aim, to win win the states, we want to form the ‘Global Alliance 2018-2048’ with all those who stand for and advocate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights! We want to win with the activities of the Alliance the society, economy and politics for their implementation. We want in every year on or around the date of the adoption of the Declaration of Human Rights, which is in the 10th of December, organize public events and so build up slowly a strong Global Alliance. Our goals and timeline: Until 12.10.2048: We set us from the Global Alliance the aim, to initiate the creation of a worldwide social, democratic, security and ecological restructuring program, which in 2048, the 100th Anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, secures the rights promised to all people around the world. Until 12.10.2018: We call on all States to cooperate in the preparation of this conversion program and implementation and to report at conferences every five years on progress. The first state conference should take place in 2018 which is the 70th Anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Human Rights. States should report in the conference on the status of implementation of the rights in their countries and in their international relations. Together, there should be a comprehensive review of the global implementation and define a reconstruction program for the next five-year phase as a step towards the complete implementation in 2048. The reports and programs should be developed in all countries, together with the civil society. Until 10.12.2013, 2014..: Only the citizens themselves can achieve these steps with their own activities that the States start to design and implement such a conversion program and will be ready to agree in holding such conferences! Citizens must create the majority in society and politics for these goals in debating’s with other political streams in our societies. We encourage you to team up for it now and from now on every year on 10 December to organize a day of action: We want to take stock of how far we are in the country, continent and the world come to slowly convince the whole party! These activities should be organized on national or international Committee of the Global Alliance 2018-2048: - Announcement of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the philosophical, political, economic, and political reasons for their adoption of peace To be advertising, the merger and the implementation of the Declaration active - - Networking of the currents that are active in their mind on the various fields - Development of media that reach and involve people - Development of knowledge about the implementation of the Declaration on Human Rights and its various rights in the country and around the world Organize development of reform programs, which make possible the implementation of the rights, opinions and experiences about it - - Support the movements that struggle for the implementation of the rights - The concrete structure of a human family in the country and the world through the creation of social contacts in the country and internationally between the ethnic groups, people of different religions, skin colors, nations and ethnic groups than emotional basis for such a program Education Committee of the Global Alliance for 2018/2048 in the countries, cities, regions, schools, businesses, social institutions or for the individual rights internationally. Immediate measures: Every day people lose their lives through poverty, hunger, lack of health care, violence and war, denial of asylum and fear for their future! We need immediate action by governments, but also by citizens, who are better off! We can help even by our abilities to protect human rights and show others that they can make a difference themselves. These practical experiences with programs and projects are also important experiences for the development of the reconstruction program.

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